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The Value of Green Building


While many clients are at first drawn to Green Building for reasons of principle, they also find that Green Building makes sense economically. A Green home can substantially cut energy and maintenance costs while at the same time increasing the comfort and health for those who inhabit it. As a result, Green Homes tend to have increased value.

Incorporating green building products and practices in homebuilding and remodeling projects results in quality homes and financial savings for you. Even the smallest effort can make a big difference. The most common reported benefits are:

  • Financial Savings: Green building construction practices and products make homes more energy efficient through adequate insulation and air sealing. Efficient windows, appliances, and lighting also help add to the savings and keep your monthly electricity bills low. Up to 65% lower! Water bills are also reduced through low-flow equipment and thoughtful land use. Stay comfortable with year-round sun exposure, and lack of drafts. If you're building new, proper free orientation of your home can take advantage of the sun’s radiant energy to provide free natural heat in the cooler months while avoiding too much sun in the warmer ones to save on energy costs. Tight construction also helps keep energy costs and drafts down. For everyone, better insulation and energy efficient windows, appliances and lighting contribute to a comfortable environment while using less energy.
  • Healthier Living: Chemicals emitted from building materials can be a potential source of health problems. Green building encourages use of products and materials that reduce or eliminate many of the suspected and known carcinogens, but often perform better than traditional products. Ventilation is the key to keeping and maintaining indoor air quality for healthier living. Adequate ventilation is especially important in green building as it can reduce the potential for mold growth and buildup of allergens and other particulates.
  • Less Maintenance: Using premium materials that are more durable. Examples of such long-lasting materials and their applications include decking made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, durable tile or linoleum for floors, 50-year roofing materials and fiber-cement siding. These can outperform their traditional counterparts by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Using natural resources. Building green makes a strong statement about your dedication to the community and the environment. Impacting more than your home itself, it promotes the use of local products and materials that help stimulate local businesses and diverse economy. This keeps your dollars working in your neighborhood and reduces energy consumption because there are less transportation costs. Materials like engineered wood products are encouraged because they efficiently make use of waste wood pieces, reducing environmental impact of the wood industry. Recycled-content products productively use materials that would otherwise need to be hauled to landfills, and also reduce costs and impacts of producing products from virgin materials. Green building is not a passing trend. Informing and educating you about the value of green building is just the beginning of our commitment to greening your home and our community.


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