Outdoor Living


Utilize the space you already have. Enclosing and existing deck or patio is quite simple, extremely affordable and great for entertaining. The uses of the new area are endless: breakfast retreat, play room, dinner parties, or just plain relaxing.

The most important factor is the experience of being outdoors with none of the hassle. The bugs are not biting, wind is not blowing out the candles and the rain is not putting a damper on entertaining.

There is actually a new sense of a private getaway in your own backyard. Breathe deep and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Young children can also enjoy the comfort of outside and the protection of home at the same time. Think seriously about utilizing the environment to your advantage.

Benefits to the homeowner:

  • Extend your living area
  • Provide shade for homes and decks
  • Reduce the sun's harmful ultraviolent rays by 98%
  • Bring the family closer by providing shade for gatherings

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Before Renovation - Remodel After Renovation - Remodel
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1BarwickOuside-B4 3BarwickOuside-After
4EastonB4 5Easton After
 no-pergola 10-6  pergola10-6
6Hightower B4 7Hightower After
8Solesbee B4 Solesbee After
1 poolhouse b4 2 poolhouse left  4 poolhouse mist
 backyard b4  backyard c pool
 beckwith b4  beckwith remafter
 mashburn garageb4  mashburn garagerem
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