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Customer Testimonials

Pennell Family

When embarking on the adventure of building a home, we met and got bids from 5 builders. Once all the bids came in, it was obvious who we should go with - Justin at JCM Custom Homes. His bid was the most comprehensive of them all and, having never built a house before, we really liked that he took the time to analyze the details of the job before throwing a number at us. Throughout the build, Justin followed the calendar that he provided to us very closely, always making sure his subcontractors were there doing the job they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it, and leaving the job site as clean as possible. We personally met all the subcontractors and talked through each decision directly with them which was a dream. This made us feel like our home was truly a custom built home. Even though we ran into some hiccups through the process (as is always the case), Justin still got us into our house 3 days before schedule. That meant that we got to move into our home the day before Christmas! We've lived in the house for almost a year and a half and haven't run into any quality issues. We plan to be here for the long haul!

Thank you Justin!

Steven & Jenna Pennell

Ellis Family

After interviewing several builders we decided to have Justin build our home, and we couldn't be happier with that decision. Justin listened to what we wanted and delivered a finished product that we are extremely happy with. His attention to detail was truly impressive. Any bumps we encountered during construction were handled quickly and professionally. JCM has built a team of outstanding subcontractors who care about their customers and care about the product they provide. We also really appreciated the financial transparency during the entire build process. Every single receipt was given to us every month, which allowed us to closely track all of our expenses and stay on budget. To Justin and Melanie; we can't thank you enough. You have given our family a home to grow in and be proud of.


Washchysion Family

We interviewed several builders in the Hickory, NC area and we believe Justin is the best builder in the area. He has a deep understanding of all the trades involved in building a custom home. His attention to detail is very impressive and he keeps the cleanest job site we have ever seen! We love our new home!

John & Elaine Washchysion

Roby Family

Last year my husband and I contracted with Justin Morrison with JCM Custom Homes to construct our “last chapter” home in Granite Falls, North Carolina. We were filled with anxiety for many reasons—trying to build a new home in NC when we still lived in Maryland; not truly knowing if the builder would build to our standards; worrying that we would have to be flying back and forth to “keep an eye” on the builder and his subcontractors, etc. Well, we worried for NOTHING! Working with Justin over the past 8 months was an amazing, stress-free experience, and we would do it all over again!

Justin and his team were true professionals! He kept us in the loop on a weekly, if not sometimes daily basis—he went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the construction time schedules—with the quality of the materials used—advised us on several money saving ideas—patiently waited for our decisions on some of the finish work recognizing that we lived 3 states away—took meticulous care of our home through the various construction phases—ensured that all subs were respectful of our home and the money, heart and soul we had invested in this endeavor.

We all have heard of the “nightmare stories” people have dealing with home builders—the frustration and stress involved in just even building a home—add in trying to do this living states away—well, many times it is a true recipe for disaster! Our experience was the polar opposite!!! It is actually hard for us to find the words to say how VERY SATISFIED we were with Justin and the quality of the construction of our beautiful new home—suffice it to say that choosing, trusting, Justin to build our forever home was the BEST decision we could have made! We will be forever grateful for his talent, honesty, professionalism, integrity, patience and understanding, and last but not least, for his friendship!

Jeff and Chris Roby | January, 2018